Rivet Types

Rivet Type Selection

The choice of rivet type for a given application is dependent on numerous performance criteria - see Joint Development for details. A rivet is selected, in conjunction with appropriate tooling, to match the application characteristics such as the examples listed below:

Typical Application Characteristics Examples
Material Types Aluminium, Steel, Plastic, Composite
Material - High Ductility Cold rolled steel sheet, Alu Sheet
Material - Reduced Ductility Hot rolled steel, Extrusions, Castings
Material - Low Tensile Properties Mild steel, Non ferrous alloys, Plastic
Material - High Tensile Properties HSLA steel, DP & TRIP steels
Total Joint Thickness 1mm to 6mm (Steel)
1mm to 10mm(Alu)
Mixed Material Combinations Plastics to metal, Alu to steel
Structural Vehicles, Buildings
Non-Structural Furniture, Cabinets, Attachments

Head Styles

Head styles are selected on the basis of either functional requirements or aesthetic appeal. Functional requirements may be:

  • Head flushness (level with material surface)
  • Shear, peel and fatigue strength
  • Locator or mechanical stop
  • Large bearing surface
  • Attachment points for secondary parts

Countersunk Head



  • Flushness on the head side of the joint
  • Good fatigue resistance

Flat, Pan and Dome Head


  • Provides good peel strength, especially in plastics or thin sheet metals
  • Allows good head seating, especially when riveting thick or very hard materials
  • Accentuates the aesthetics of a riveted joint and/or covers surrounding indentation on a Class A surface
Flat Pan dome

Special Head Styles

Threaded_Strud_tb T-Stud 85x150 plain stand-off Special rivet head styles are supplied when there is a need to combine the functions of the self pierce rivet and an additional feature.

Rivet Length & Stem Diameter

Rivet length is always matched to the stack thickness to be fastened. A given rivet length will cover a range of material stacks. Testing is carried out to determine the suitability of the rivet length for the material and thickness range being riveted. Henrob offers rivets in lengths of 4 to 14mm. rivet size

There are two standard diameters, 3mm and 5mm. The criteria for selecting the appropriate rivet diameter includes:

  • Required strength of joint
  • Available access to joining area
  • Material thickness and hardness