Rivet Coatings

Rivet coating is a fundamental part of the riveting process and needs careful consideration before a selection is made.

The standard coatings shown in the table below are used in the majority of applications to protect steel self-pierce rivets when applied to steel, aluminium or other products. Coatings are specified generally for corrosion protection but in some cases may be required for decorative purposes. Contact Henrob for more details .

Coating Type Colours Typical Joint Application
Zinc Silver Coated Steel
Almac Silver Aluminium (max baking temperature up to 180ˆc)
Zinc/Tin Silver Aluminium (max baking temperature up to 165ˆc)
(on top of Zinc)
Silver or Black Food grade organic finish
Semi-decorative finishes
Painted Head
(on top of coating)
Any RAL Colour Colour matched to pre-painted materials
Burnished Silver Used on Stainless Steel rivets for decorative or corrosion resistant applications

New coatings that are compatible with an increasing number of applications and environmental conditions are being researched in our laboratories or as part of customer-specified programmes.

Henrob coatings can be supplied free of hexavalent chrome (Chromium 6) as specified in the "End of Vehicle Life Directive - 2006." Other specialised coatings are available.