System Frames


The C-frame is an important element of the overall system because it not only contains the high riveting forces and accurately aligns the rivet setter to the upsetting die, it can also be customised to allow riveting access at the desired location.

Henrob has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of C-frames, with hundreds of design variants and several thousand units in the field.

The use of 3D CAD enables tailored designs to be modeled and manufactured efficiently. All C-frames are analysed for stress and deflection using finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure long life.

In cases where weight is critical on large throat reaches, special C-frames yielding up to 40% reduction in weight are available through the application of ACF* technology.
*Licensed to Henrob by C Power AB, Sweden


The E-frame tool was developed specifically for the construction industry. The tool simultaneously sets rivets in to the upper and lower flanges of a C-channel section and can be used in a manual or automated configuration.

The main advantages of the system are significant productivity improvements and the elimination of a turnover station to rotate the component to access the opposite side.

Letterbox Frames

Multiple tools can be arranged into an enclosed letterbox frame where the product is indexed through the opening, creating multiple joints simultaneously.