Tape Feed Riveting

Henrob pioneered self-pierce rivet tape feed delivery systems and now has several thousand in use worldwide.

This technology provides a very reliable, robust, low maintenance and cost-effective method of automatically feeding fasteners.

In addition, it is the fastest method of feeding rivets to a rivet setter: total cycle time of setting a rivet and feeding the next rivet into position can be as little as 1.2 seconds, compared with 3 to 4 seconds for conventional blow-feed systems.

Further advantages of tape feed are:

  • Lower tooling costs compared to blow feed systems
  • Ability to set Henrob’s full range of rivets with a common feeding mechanism, allowing manufacturing flexibility and reduction in spares inventory
  • Rivet size changeover is quick and simple - well suited to prototype work or small batch production. For example, changing from a 6mm to a 10mm long rivet takes less than 5 minutes and entails the replacement of only one part - the nose insert
  • Tool rotation and mounting is possible in any plane
  • Rivets are sensed only when correctly loaded in the nose piece (sprocket feed system for automated production)
  • Good tool mobility over large jig areas
  • Colour-coded tape or labeling can be used to avoid product mixing
  • Special mechanically keyed spools are available to prevent incorrect product loading
  • Large production runs are possible from a single spool - up to 10,000 rivets
  • Can be adapted to either hydraulic or electric rivet setters
  • Suited for use on robot tools including high articulation systems