Blow Feed Riveting

RivTrans™ Blow Feed Modules

Henrob’s loose rivet transfer system is ideal for high volume rivet applications where the economics are attractive for continuous feed. RivTrans is designed to meet high levels of reliability in arduous production environments using in-built intelligence for fault identification and self-recovery. The use of quick-change parts minimises maintenance and downtime.

A standard system is configured with a bulk rivet storage unit, a separation point for loading a single rivet into a flexible delivery tube, a delivery tube to the rivet setter, and an intelligent nose on the tool for accepting and verifying that the rivet is correctly loaded.

System Features

  • Efficient cycle times (typically 2-3 seconds)
  • Feeds a large range of rivets lengths (4mm to 12mm)
  • Can feed rivets over long distances if necessary - over 30 metres
  • Wear resistant delivery tube
  • Direct sensing of rivets in the delivery tube and in the nose
  • Dual feed option - two different rivet types to a single tool
  • Twin feed option – one rivet type to two or more tools
  • Adapted to either hydraulic or electric rivet setters
  • Compatible with robot-mounted riveting tools working in any plane (subject to the limitations of delivery tube movement)
  • Can operate through a robot tool changer
  • 0perates on low air pressure – 2 to 3 bar

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RivTrans™ Magazine Feed

As SPR technology use on robotic production lines has grown, so has the requirement for greater freedom of tool movement and faster cycle times.

Henrob’s RivTrans™ Magazine Feed system enables a tool to be charged with a quantity of rivets sufficient to match a production cycle. Tools are equipped with a storage magazine that is recharged at pre-determined intervals, for example, when a robot moves to a park position. In operation, delivery tubes are eliminated and the tool is separated from its rivet supply source.

The absence of a permanently-connected delivery tube improves reliability and tool access to components. It also provides greater productivity by improving cycle times over conventional blow-feed tools by as much as 50%.

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RivTrans™ Stud Feed Modules

Threaded self-pierce studs are fed only by blow feed methods. Tools may be manual, pedestal, or robotic with feeding possible in any plane. A dual feed model is available where two different stud thread sizes can be fed to a single setting tool.

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