Automated Systems

Automated Hydraulic

Hydraulic systems are widely used for automated production because they are robust, reliable and well understood by maintenance personnel.

Henrob uses a refined hydraulics package for automation based on its proven manual systems but typically with the addition of larger control cabinets to house communication busses and Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens. Features suited to automated production include:

  • Integration into fixed automation cells with single or multiple tools
  • Integration with robots
  • Customer-specific controls hardware
  • Operation of single or multiple rivet setters from one power-pack
  • Partial retract positioning of the rivet setter nose to improve cycle time
  • Rivmon™, Henrob's proprietary process monitoring system, or HMI screens
  • Operation with either tape or blow feed rivet delivery systems

Henrob has a wide range of experience in developing automated production lines.

Automated Servo / Electric

Henrob launched its technically advanced electric rivet setter in response to market demand for a robot mounted servo tool capable of fast cycle times with high reliability.

This low energy consumption system uses digital servo technology to provide a high level of control. It also simplifies tool changing by enabling a robot to utilise multiple tools in a single cell.

The unique engineering of the Henrob electric rivet setter reduces weight and size compared to torque based actuator systems that require much greater motor power. Its design also helps reduce heat generation, which in turn allows the system to run at 100% duty cycle. Henrob's servo rivet setters, with external strokes up to 220mm, utilise a unique clamping nose that ensures high quality "automotive standard" joints are produced across the full range of rivets and material combinations.

Designed around Henrob's modular concept, the electric rivet setter is fully interchangeable with the hydraulic rivet setter; both types interface with Henrob's range of C-frames and feed systems. This "mix and match" feature not only rationalises the use of components, it can also be of significant economic benefit by facilitating an upgrade from a prototype-build phase through to production.

The Henrob servo control system is built on a flexible platform, enabling communication with robots and/or full integration with factory systems. The retract stroke can be profiled to minimise cycle time. Process monitoring of each riveted joint and collection and distribution of preventative maintenance (PM) data ensures quality and productivity.

Hundreds of Henrob electric riveting systems have been successfully installed on production lines in Europe and North America, demonstrating excellent reliability in continuous automotive production environments. These tools set rivets 4mm to 13mm long in demanding 2 to 4 sheet joint combinations that include aluminium sheet, aluminium extrusion, cast aluminium and high strength steel, with and without adhesives.

Contact your local Henrob office to discuss your requirements in more detail.