Henrob Changes to Atlas Copco Brand

Beginning January 1, 2018, the Henrob and SCA company brand identities will change to the Atlas Copco logo and brand identity and will take on the Atlas Copco logo. The Henrob and SCA product names will remain but the products will utilize Atlas Copco’s design and be branded with the Atlas Copco logotype, which will happen sometime in mid-2018. At this time, we will continue to operate under our legal company names in each region and will notify our partners of any changes to this.

The Atlas Copco, Henrob and SCA brands have many customers in common, especially in the automotive industry, and provide complementary products and solutions through three assembly technologies: tightening, self-pierce riveting and industrial dispensing. By consolidating the technologies under one strong Atlas Copco brand and having a joint service organization, customers will see benefits such as optimized response times in addition to global support coverage.

We are happy to join forces under one strong Atlas Copco brand and our basic mission remains unchanged – to continue to deliver high quality products and services locally that support you and your business.