Henrob's History

Early 1980's: Keith Jones, the founder of Henrob, is introduced to self-pierce riveting during a business trip to Australia. Shortly thereafter, he acquired the rights to the technology.

1985: Henrob is established and opens a UK manufacturing facility in Flint, North Wales. Aggressive investment in R&D resulted in a stream of Henrob Self-Pierce Riveting (SPR) products and processes. The company continues to invest 5-10% of its sales in R&D.

1990: Henrob opens an office in Brisbane to service the Australian market and capitalise on the experience of the original innovators of SPR.

Henrob's customer and distributor network now embraces Europe, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan and Scandinavia.


Early SPR applications mainly focused on joining pre-coated steel for industries such as ducting, house frames, ladders and grain silos.

This period also marked the introduction of the world’s first portable self-pierce riveting tool and opened the door for numerous SPR applications in a multitude of industries.

1992: Henrob is approached by Audi to develop SPR technology for the assembly of the A8 all-aluminium car.

1995: Henrob opens an office in Michigan to respond to the enormous potential for SPR in the automotive industry in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

2001: Henrob GmbH is established in Herford, Germany, offering European customers complete flexibility, with a choice of direct service or working through dealers.


The start of the new millennium earmarked another first for Henrob with the launch of Jaguar’s aluminium XJ8. With over 3,000 Henrob rivets in each vehicle, this project represents the most technically advanced use of self-pierce riveting technology to date. To support Jaguar from prototype build right through to production, Henrob assembled engineering teams in the UK and USA and also opened an office adjoining Jaguar's UK production facility.

Other all-aluminium body firsts include a body-in-white (BIW) space-frame car in Europe, a cab-in-white (CIW) truck in the USA, and BIW monocoque cars in Europe and the USA. 

Yet another pioneering moment was the development of multiple stack (up to 5 sheets) riveting for hydraulic and servo tools.

2002: A facility is opened in North Carolina to provide technical support and comprehensive logistics service for customers in the southeastern United States.

2003: Henrob installations exceed 3,000. An agent is appointed in South Korea.


2004: Move to new UK headquarters to accommodate increasing demand for Henrob products and future expansion.

2014: Henrob is acquired by global engineering group, Atlas Copco.